dpb is a command-line tool that makes deploying environments to DeployBot much easier.
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Getting Started

First, to install:

[sudo] npm install -g dpb

Then you’re going to need to sign into DeployBot. Do this using:

dpb login

You will be prompted for your API key (found at https://[your_subdomain].deploybot.com/api_keys) and your DeployBot subdomain.

After you’re done logging in, you can run dpb init in any project directory to make a .dpb file inside of that directory telling dpb what environment to deploy to. After you’ve done this, deploying is as simple as dpb deploy.


  Usage: dbp [options] [command]

  A command-line tool for easy deployment to DeployBot.


    -V, --version  output the version number
    -h, --help     output usage information


    deploy [options]  Deploy an environment using a .dpb file
    status            Get the status of the last deployment
    init              Generate a .dpb file in the current working directory
    login             Set your DeployBot domain and API key
    help [cmd]        display help for [cmd]